Day 15: heroism

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Note: The request for this poem (from my husband) was to involve a picture with various Superheros. Let’s see where this takes us, shall we? It’s just as much of journey for you as it is for me. 🙂

The package may change

but not the character; the search-

never for glory,

never for honor,

never for self-gain, nor award.

They do right for rights sake;

and battle wrong- attacking evil,

seeking peace and justice for the love

of mankind and it’s potential

for greatness that they themselves

are not fully aware of.

You see them as someone unlike yourself;

your fear is too great,

and that is your battle-

outside, the war against the enemy

thrives and you feel helpless, but perspective

shows you different. your breath is quiet but deep,

and your coat’s cape, long and weighted

with intent. You walk into the night, conquering your

mountain; helping others to climb theirs.


Day 14: light bulb

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Photo courtesy of: celsias.com

an invention of thought sparks my mind to process and calculate its validity; the intangible structure, thought, moves and changes direction becoming physical action. neurons colliding, synapses forming- trial and error becomes truth or failure, while another bud of perception evolves, editing the first; deleting and changing, relearning.  light bulb after light bulb, my mind is a city powering the energetic source of my inspiration.

Day 13: Leaves

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Photo Courtesy of: Clovis Independent

layered, puzzle pieced

together on the ground-

leaving their limbs,

landing on cream colored

gloves, we walk you to school.

leaving you there

leaves me aware;

the precious moments passing

that’ll never be re-lived,

and accepting this,

i leave it in the past,

living for now-

thought never forgetting,

and always looking forward.

Day 12: Treadmill…

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Photo Courtesy of: Shape Up NYC

best friend,

or worst enemy?

a freeing prison

or a prisoning freedom?

one foot and then the next

pound to the ground

and i find the place

for space where

my thoughts can clearly

evaporate and i feel mantra-ed


a peaceful harmony sweating

beads of calmness.


Day 11: Goddess


Photo Courtesy of: the Divine Goddess Kwan Yin

a state of consciousness,

she’s in my mind, saying

“confidence is key”

and explaining,

“arrogance exists to cover insecurities”

while telling me,

“know the difference.”

and i think,

“the authentic self is truest to nature.”

and realize i am her.

Day 10: Brilliant Ball

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he talks, alone amongst a cosmos

and amidst the span of space;

im drawn beyond the belly

of the universe- my mind

absorbing while im walking,

awkwardly longing to touch

the brilliant ball

that is made up of a reality

that is not man-made.

Photo Courtesy of: Historum

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